Element: December 2020 Release Notes

Written by Shaun Hartman on Thursday, December 17, 2020




Let's be precise : We've given customers a nice, easy-to-access snapshot of what payments look like for a Build Your Own configuration. But, we can do even better than that.



We are building a finance calculator that can be accessed by clicking the estimated price for fine-tuning toward the actual amount a customer will pay including sales tax information, APR, down payment or trade-in-value.



Customers can even calculate affordability for a package to submit as well, giving your sales team a number to strive for. With the discount option we debuted last month, this tool is ready to sell. Book Time with Me to discuss strategies on how you can use this to maximize sales in 2021.



Video Interaction : You may have noticed the power of chatbots for automating responses to frequently asked questions. What if you could take it a step further to have an actual salesperson represented in video format, that could virtually interact with your customers? We've partnered with a company called VideoAsk who can work with Element to integrate this technology seamlessly. Book Time with Me to discuss how this new tool may benefit your dealerships.



New Partnership for ADA Compliance : While we do code our sites with accessibility in mind, it takes a great deal of consideration to be absolutely compliant. We have partnered with Accessibe to take our accessibility to the highest level. Book Time with Me to talk about what all is included with this service and the discounted rate we can offer through our partnership.





Make it Easier on Yourself this Year: Let us do the heavy lifting. There is a lot of data to manage in your Element site. There is an art to page building and best practices to be considered every step of the way. If you are running digital ads, you need engaging landing pages. We're happy to teach you how to do these things. But, sometimes you just need it to be done and done well. You might also need guidance on what the data is telling you about how you need to adapt your site. Our new support levels give you options for getting the right amount of support needed to keep you at peak performance in the digital landscape. Book Time with Me to talk about what the best option is for your needs.