Building Your Brand? Be TraDigital™

Written by Team SI on Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Building a brand is a never-ending journey. It’s a process that is fun, creative and challenging, and it requires determination, foresight, daily attention and reflection. From day one — and for the entire life of a company — brand building is to perpetually project what it is that makes the brand unique and vital to its market, and to strive every single day to communicate and realize that vision.

Brand building encompasses everything from the imagery designed to represent products or services (like logos, graphics, packaging and presentation) — to the language, voice and style used in written materials — to the feeling or “vibe” that consumers get when they interact with the company both in person and online — to the reputation the brand develops over time.

Perhaps Amazon founder Jeff Bezos said it best: “Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.” It might be appropriate to add to that, "Your brand is what the screens say — or don't say — about you while you're not in the room."      

All of the traditional branding and marketing advice holds true, and it’s essential that companies adhere to the conventional wisdom:

Be Consistent.

Be Authentic.

Be Distinct.

Be Dynamic.

Be Personal.

Many brands get a lot of the conventional stuff right. But they either neglect the newest trends in digital marketing altogether, or they view their traditional marketing efforts and their digital marketing efforts as two separate entities. Often, institutions and businesses may be using the digital strategies heavily with traditional, but they aren't succeeding as well as they could because (1) they may be using tactics from 2 years ago, and (2) they may just not understand how proper tracking and attribution can provide new insights into the full customer journey. The result is that their reporting and analytics aren't giving them the proper insight they need.

This creates a disconnect with the consumer and clouds all the painstaking efforts and intentions to actually be consistent, authentic, distinct, dynamic, and personal.

There are no more efficient ways to accomplish your brand building goals than boosting SEO, SEM, digital content marketing, social media marketing, and etc. But these aren’t things that brands can just “set and forget.” Successful brands constantly evaluate and reevaluate how their audience interacts with media. “The key,” says Team SI chief operating officer Lannie Byrd, “is to market for the year that you are in.” It pays in the long run to invest 10%-20% of your marketing budget in experimental tactics and see what brings the best ROI. Brands that do it succeed.

The challenge now for many successful brands and start-ups alike, is to use the conventional wisdom to blend traditional and digital marketing together into a new, TraDigital™ brand building effort that intertwines traditional channels like word of mouth, TV, radio, newspapers and magazines with optimized digital efforts in online display ads, search, social media, CTV — creating a multi-faceted, multi-screen and holistic brand building plan.

Team SI can help you build your brand, no matter how long it’s been around. Our experts can analyze both your traditional and digital marketing history and implement strategies that will optimize your ROI. Get in touch with us today. We’d love to help.



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