Phone Calls Aren't Vanishing - Consumers Want to Talk

Written by Grace Vest on Monday, September 24, 2018

There aren’t a lot of people I call anymore “just to talk”. Even when I think about how often I talk to my best friends, most of it is done in a group chat or on some form of social media through a meme. Honestly, the only people I talk to on the phone for a long period of time are my parents and grandparents. Heck, I get anxiety when someone close calls me instead of texting me because it makes me think something is wrong.

Maybe you can relate. Just because most people don’t talk on the phone anymore doesn’t mean businesses should jump on board and do away with phone conversations when trying to get a hold of a potential customer. Consumers still want to talk, especially when it comes to making a big purchase.

Businesses depend on phone calls because it is a critical factor during the sales cycle. The number of inbound calls to businesses has increased sharply, which means accessibility is becoming a key differentiator to driving sales. A recent HubSpot report found that nearly 60 percent of buyers wanted to discuss pricing on their first phone call with a business.

Though our phone conversations with friends and family might be rare, our desire to speak with a human before scheduling our first appointment with a new doctor, or before purchasing a big piece of equipment, is unlikely to change anytime soon. We as consumers want to talk!

We live in a world of data, but less than 12 percent of companies are using data to its fullest potential. Understanding where phone calls to your business are coming from or where clients are coming from is a critical step in generating more leads and closing more deals. Does your current marketing agency allow you to listen to calls that come directly from a campaign that is running? Because of our partnership with CallRail, we can double down on the campaigns that are generating phone calls, and then measure those phone calls to better understand the questions prospects and customers are asking, and create content that speaks to those questions.



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