5 Things to Look for When Choosing an SEO Vendor

Written by Grace Townsend on Monday, February 02, 2015

When it comes to digital marketing, one of the best investments is quality SEO service. Typically, organic traffic to a site is high quality. Users generating this traffic tend to stay on the site longer, have the lowest bounce rate, and are most likely to convert into a lead.

These days, there are tons of SEO vendors to choose from, and each has their own opinion on what works and what doesn’t. Here are 5 valuable things to remember when scouting out a new SEO vendor:

1. Remember what’s most important.

When it comes to SEO, keyword rankings and link-building stats are some of the many metrics that vendors can report to show how the company is doing in SEO. To win your business, vendors may even use these automated reports to show your website has thousands of SEO issues that need to be fixed. 

While there is nothing wrong with these reports, it’s easy for companies to get lost in the numbers and miss what matters most – your website’s organic traffic. Keyword ranking and link building are good tactics to consider and measure, but at the end of the day, SEO success is defined by seeing an increase in organic traffic to your site. 

You will have months where traffic goes down, but if you monitor it over time, you should see a noticeable increase. These increases should especially be evident when comparing 6 months with a vendor to the previous 6 months without them.

2. Content is a major part of strategy.

Google’s algorithm changes daily, and it’s important to have a team you can trust to stay up to speed with all the changes. One thing that has always been a major part of Google’s algorithm is rewarding fresh, quality content.

When fresh, quality content is evident, search engines will have a good reason to continually come back to crawl your site, which will help your overall ranking. You can create this high-quality content by making sure your information is relevant, current and original. This gives consumers a reason to stay on your site longer and share that content with their friends on social media platforms, which is a HUGE win in the SEO world.

3. A little less conversation, a little more action.

SEO takes a lot of manpower. If your vendor is constantly talking about SEO, they don’t have the time it takes to devote to getting the job done. You want your vendor to give you the 30,000-foot overview (looking at the results) and then follow up with a report that dives into the trenches and shows all the work that was provided to achieve those results.

4. Overnight results are never a guarantee. 

SEO takes time. Yes, with a good strategy you can start to see some results immediately, but to feel the full effect it typically takes 3 – 6 months, depending on the market. Some vendors walk in the door and guarantee to triple your leads with SEO in 1 month or you get your money back.

Remember the saying: “if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.” That can apply to the endless promises you’ll receive from some vendors. SEO is hard work and unless you work for Google, nothing is certain. A good vendor will prove their value by following a tailored strategy that has been created specifically for you, and regularly adjust their strategy to always be in line with Google’s algorithm updates. 

5. They’re not the cheapest in town.

It’s, simple; you get what you pay for. Do you want SEO service that is quick and automated or something that is substantial, requires hard work, and stands firm over time? 

Now you’re ready! Go out and choose your SEO vendor with confidence. Does your current vendor match up with the information shared here in our blog? If you have doubts, question them about it and see the results for yourself.

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