2019 Marketing Goals: Ensuring You Show Up During Critical Moments

Written by on Friday, January 04, 2019

Well Hello 2019, it is nice to meet you! Right now is the time to restart and set new goals. Accomplish things we haven't before. In order to accomplish these goals, we are going to mindlessly turn to our devices to do research and make purchase decisions. We search throughout the decision-making journey to get advice on purchases big and small, from a hairbrush to a new car. This means there’s an opportunity for us as marketers to influence across multiple categories.

We at Team SI preach about data being the currency of the Internet. While over 60 percent of people expect brands to “provide consumers with information they need when they need it,” less than half of them feel that brands are delivering, according to Google. This is where your 2019 goals should be flashing before your eyes if you are in the world of marketing. Data should be a part of your vision. Brands and businesses that are ready to take on the challenge of being a part of the entire customer journey will earn the sale.

For example, your website most likely contains valuable content, such as product details, promotions, updates and so forth. But this content is only useful to people if they actually know it exists. From product pages to local inventory feeds, you need to ensure you have real-time information about where products are available and how many you have. Provide them with as much information as you can so, when they are in the research phase, they will find the relevant information they want.

Ensure you’re showing up in the critical moments of intent throughout the purchase journey. We want to affirm our decisions. We don’t want to make a bad decision. Most of us are using search to fill that need. Researching how people are searching for your brand or category can help you catch potential issues, identify areas for improvement, and uncover new opportunities to talk to your consumers and address their concerns. If you see that consumers are questioning whether your brand/business is worth it, consider creating and promoting content that tells people why it is.

You can have the most compelling, action-inspiring ad, but if you’re not serving it up to the right people, at the right time, using the right frequency, it’s unlikely to achieve what you are after. To make the best decisions for your consumers, you need to know what they’re doing today, not six months ago. By identifying consumer behavior signals through your website, Google Analytics and social platforms, you can start to get a clear understanding of what kind of behaviors correlate with likeliness to convert.


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