2018 Instagram Algorithm

Written by Team SI on Monday, April 09, 2018

Whether you love it or not, the Instagram algorithm is here to stay and it is something your business should pay attention to. While algorithms constantly change, we know Instagram’s algorithm prioritizes time spent on posts, along with user engagement. Below are some strategies your business can implement today to ensure your business’s posts are seen and engaged with on Instagram.

Stories & videos

The new algorithm will prioritize posts based on the time spent on a post, not just on engagement. Videos take longer for people to consume than a photo. Videos can be more entertaining or draw on one’s emotions, which will keep people looking at your posts longer.

Instagram stories are rapidly becoming more popular than posts. People like to see what your business is doing in real time. Make use of the engagement tools Instagram offers, such as the poll feature, the yes or no answer feature, and the swipe up feature. Please know you can only use the swipe up feature if your business has more than 10,000 followers.

High quality captions

Take the time to think about your caption and what your audience would want to read. It takes longer for someone to read a caption than it does to look at a picture. Show off your brand with your captions! Relate to a person’s day on a personal level.

Optimize hashtags

Because users can now follow their favorite hashtags, it is crucial to use the hashtags that users care about most. Be sure your hashtags are relevant to the events you are attending and make sure they are relevant to your brand.

Sponsored post

These ads can be created within the Instagram app. You have the option to use automatic audiences created by Instagram to reach the most relevant users. Sponsored posts work great to drive audiences and existing followers to your website if you’re sponsoring a sale or promotion.

Staying relevant & branded

It is crucial in a very crowded environment that people recognize who you are. Develop brand guidelines and hold everyone accountable. Another tactic is to know when to post. Once you learn the best days and times to post, you will see more engagement.






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