Content Tips for Your Healthcare Marketing Strategy

Written by Team SI on Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Marketing is all about getting your brand out in front of potential clients. Content Marketing is the practice of producing high-quality content like blog posts, images or graphics, social media interactions, and videos regularly. The goals of a healthcare content marketer are to establish credibility.

If you’re creating the right content for your audience, you’ll be more than the provider of a blog post to an online reader, you'll be the provider of a solution to a potential patient. Therefore, if you want to take your healthcare marketing strategy to the next level, content production is key. The keys to amazing content are optimization and volume control.

Optimization is a fancy word for ‘monitor and adjust.’ This is fantastic for healthcare, because that’s what the industry does every day! No two patients are alike, and illnesses even ebb and flow within the same patient. A good healthcare provider knows how to spot symptoms, diagnose a problem, prescribe a treatment and check back to make sure everything’s working. Optimizing your content marketing strategy is no different.

Diagnose a content marketing strategy by learning what’s working and what’s not. The best way to do this is to dig deep into your data. Learn what blog topics start the most conversations, which facebook posts get the most shares and which types of photos get the most likes. Find what’s working and create similar content! Data can also show you what people are searching for, even if they never make it to your website. Creating content that answers the questions people are asking now is the smartest way to attract traffic to your brand and establish thought leadership later.

Another great way to take the pulse of your strategy is to actually read what your audience says about you. People love to ask questions. If you notice a theme in the comments, address it with a piece of content that relates exactly to the current conversation. Not only does this keep your content relevant, but customizes it to your current audience and their needs.

After you wade through all your data, and you’ve created content that compliments your audience, you’ve basically accomplished the equivalent of prescribing a treatment. Now your job is to watch and see if it works. If you see an increase in traffic, interaction or sharing, congratulations! Your treatment has worked! Continue monitoring and adapting your strategy to suit your data for increased results! If not, simply revisit your data, readjust and keep monitoring for change.

Great content leaves readers wanting more, so be sure to give it to them! You will get the most out of your strategy by carefully controlling the volume of content you produce. Once you’ve learned what your audience wants and know you can create content they love, work on expanding popular topics into different pieces of content and be consistent about sharing them.

If a certain topic does well, you can break it down into a series of more specific content pieces across all media. For example, if a blog post about the flu does well, then during flu season create blog posts about flu symptom alleviation, facebook “quick-tips” about avoiding the flu, or short instructional videos about caring for a child with the flu. Expounding on already popular content is the best way to increase the volume of content you produce without the risk of creating fluff pieces that get between your readers and what they want to read.

Once you’ve found your niche and are answering the right questions for your audience, get on a schedule and stick to it. Your readers might even catch on and tune in when they expect new content to be available. A loyal audience is a healthy audience.

In a “just Google it” culture where everyone wants immediate online answers, it is critical to ensure your company is a resource. Potential patients want to establish a connection with you before they step foot into your facility. Engaging in content marketing allows healthcare marketers to take advantage of the enormous opportunity to have the information available when potential patients go searching. With these content marketing tips, your healthcare marketing strategy should not only reach the next level, but thrive there!




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